Pineda Could Be Out Of Play

The talented Dominican-born pitcher, Michael Pineda, who was traded to the New York Yankees from the Seattle Mariners last winter in exchange for one of the best prospects of Yankee organization Jesus Montero, underwent surgery in the Month of May to repair a broken labrum.

New York was hoping to have the young pitcher at the start of spring training, so Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said Pineda is scheduled to return in the 2013 season.

These were Cashman’s statements «We have to keep him off our radar for now. We are talking about June next year … the second half of next year.» These statements were featured on the ESPN radio show in New York by Ian O’Connor.

The length of time for which Pineda recovers is not a surprise, since it is a very delicate operation and must have a recovery process as optimum as possible.

It is good to remember that Pineda showed his talent when pitching for the Seattle Mariners with 22 years in 2011, where he exhibited great gifts to become one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball.

Great promises of Pineda

Michael Pineda measures 6 feet 7 inches and weighs about 260 pounds. Pineda was considered by Baseball America as the best pitcher and control of the Mariners in 2010.

In 2011 his straight was around 94.7 miles per hour, the highest among the rookies of the major leagues in at least 100 innings pitched, just behind Alexi Ogando, Justin Verlander, and David Price.

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